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Why Study the Guitar? 

Of all possible musical instruments, the guitar is perhaps among the most versatile instruments to choose as a companion on your musical journey. You can play any kind of music on it and take it anywhere you go. It is an instrument that is easily approachable by young students, yet poses rewarding challenges for adults. Anyone can learn to play the guitar, and with careful guidance, can achieve their musical goals, be it personal pleasure, a first instrument, or honing your skills for public performance. 

As an instructor, I will work with you in a private, one-on-one capacity, to customize your learning experience to the type of music you would like to learn. At the same time, we will cover the fundamentals of music and give you the tools necessary to continue to explore music on your own.

I teach all ages and levels, and I am currently accepting students into my studio. Our first lesson is a 30-minute consultation which is FREE!

**All Lessons are currently conducted through    video call due to the COVID19 pandemic!**

- Lesson Rates -

30 Minutes: $50


45 Minutes: $70

60 Minutes: $80

First 30 min. consultation is FREE

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